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     My name is Kevin J. Bruno and I am an aspiring Architect working my way to the top.  In my life, I hope to achieve greatness such as Frank Lloyd Wright, or I.M. Pei.  I know this quest is hard to nearly impossible, but I am always working to aspire to a new level and help not only myself but the people around me.  Ideally in my lifetime, I would like to become a registered Architect, have a wide client basis, and become LEED AP.  As of right now, I am still trying to figure out what "kind" of architecture I would like to work in whether its the joys of working on small personal residential projects where I get to work side by side with my client to give them their ideal house, or work on a commercial project that helps thousands of people out.  No matter what, I will stop at nothing to create designs and help benefit the world with my talents and ideas through Architecture.

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